Our Services

  • IT Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services.

    We at GES realize that it is not easy and affordable for all businesses to staff a reliable and effective information technology department. Maintenance Contracts is most suitable to any small, medium-sized business that does not require a full time technical support staff. With a Maintenance Agreement, you can afford the same support and technology expertise as a large corporation. We provide Server & Storage AMC Maintenance on Call Basis, Networking Support including Cable Laying etc. There are however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one. If you are concerned about repair and maintenance costs, we offer annual maintenance contracts (AMC). Our highly skilled engineers are certified to install highend server, storage & networking hardware. Certified technicians can make on-site repairs in departmental offices / Individuals, or you can bring your equipment to the workshop.

    Non – Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

    Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

    Advantage of AMC

    • » Cost Effective
    • » Onsite Repair & Maintenance
    • » Service Call tracking System
    • » Online & Technical Support
  • Network Services

    At the core of any business network resides its architecture - the foundation upon which productivity and scalability is achieved. Mostly unseen and many a times taken for granted, this network foundation always acts at a launch pad for all current and future organizational needs and help seamless integration of new technologies into your existing network. A poorly planned network architectural foundation almost always results into loss of revenue, downtime, huge revamp cost, frustration and loss of your valuable time. Reliable and scalable network architecture includes LAN, WAN connectivity, application server's placements, accessibility and availability, security, storage and network administrative modeling. GES. Truly understands these functional and mandatory requirements for your organizational needs. Our team of certified experts design architectural solutions and implement scalable networks, maximizing up-time and simplifying network administration..

    • » LAN Design, Implementation & Management
    • » Switches, Routers etc Monitoring & Management
    • » Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring
    • » Network Performance Tracking & Reporting
  • Facility Management Support (FMS).

    Among all the non-core business functions of a company, Facility Management is the most critical. This is because; success of the core business is dependent on the efficiency and effectiveness with which the facilities & technology infrastructure are managed. Global Enterprise Solution appreciates the critical nature of Facility Management & provides a wide range of offerings that cover the entire IT Infrastructure. Our support team is certified & has significant experience in all areas of IT Infrastructure. This ensures you have minimum downtime & maximum up-time by predictive & quick replacement of spares.

    » Skilled Manpower Resources
    » End-User/ Server/ Network/ Peripherals
    » Well-defined scope of work
    » Regular site status submission to customer on monthly basis or as & when required.
    » Satisfied customer base from single user to Central Govt. / Corporate customer.
    » End-to-End Project Management
    » Industry practice

  • End User Support

    Managing desktop PCs that are imperative to business has its own set of challenges including data security, update & refresh cycles; maintenance & management of local packaged applications like productivity suites & browsers; power, heat & space consumption etc. Also, these desktops are continually modified by end users, impacting their compatibility & performance.

    End user support can reduce the number of IT help desk support requests & reduce the duration of help desk calls to bring down costs, improve productivity & end user satisfaction levels.

    Emerging trends have significantly impacted how end-users address their computing needs- virtualization, collaboration requirements & the explosion of mobile workers. IT support teams must also deal with the fact that end-users are most sophisticated, more demanding & are working hours far beyond the typical business day.

    » Skilled Manpower Resources
    » Peripheral device support
    » Install, Add & Change part.
    » Lan/Wan (where applicable) support services
    » Enterprise Specific Support Services (Where required)
    » Backup & Recovery processes

  • Security Solutions

    The security risks were merely from hackers or disgruntled employees, today, cyber-attack is carried out in a more sophisticated manner by syndicates, for criminal intent or business rivalry. The primary goal is theft of the company's strategic business & financial data that is confidential. More often than not, there are no clear signs of a cyber-attack & the damage is visible over time. Many companies, especially SMEs, have a more curative approach to security breaches than a preventive approach. This can cause serious harm that can disrupt the company's business & bring it to its knees.

    A good security solution should not only help companies detect any gaps in the vulnerability of their systems but also plug it effectively. Global Enterprise solution offer servies for deploying security solutions from theft to threat after a thorough assessment of the organizations vulnerability quotient. We can deploy solutions from the endpoint to the gateway level.

  • Infrastructure Management Services

    Information technology is an essential part of all businesses. IT infrastructure availability, reliability and performance are therefore, fundamental to business success. Not only is the right IT infrastructure important but also its efficient management. IT must also count towards your fiscal probity. The challenges are manifold: You have to right-locate the IT infrastructure management. The infrastructure management services have to meet your desired availability, reliability and security standards.

    You have to derive the optimal performance from your IT infrastructure. The team has to have the right infrastructure domain skills and the attitude to serve. GES- Team can help you manage your complex IT infrastructure by providing the right skills and processes to reliably deliver availability and performance of your secure infrastructure. We offer you a very flexible model to help you manage offshore as much of your IT infrastructure management services as you desire. We will customize the offering that makes the best sense to you.

    Our approach starts with an understanding of your requirement and portfolio analysis. We then study the inter-operability of your processes and GES- Team processes, and constantly strive to improve efficiency and productivity, increase customer satisfaction and bring cost benefits to you.

    GES- Team right-sizes the team with the right skills and experience to bring to you the best support services to your mission critical IT infrastructure.

    » Facility Management
    » Server and storage management
    » Network management
    » Professional services.
    » IT service desk.


    1. Server OS installation and configuration.
    2. Server health check up.
    3. Server backup with autoloader installation and configuration.
    4. Server application installation and configuration.
    5. KVM switch installation and configuration with server.
    6. Active directory services like DNS,DHCP,AD installation and configuration.
    7. Printer server installation.
    8. Server link redundancy installation.
    9. IP address subnetting as per organization requirements.